A certified Bay Area Green Business, The Monkey Flower Group takes pride in carefully considering the environmental implications of all aspects of its operation. Beyond the basics such as composting organic waste, grouping deliveries for efficiency, flexing power, using recycled paper products, and recycling water, paper, glass and plastic, here are a few of the green efforts we are most proud of:

-Using natural fiber ribbon to replace non-recyclable, petroleum-based polyester ribbon.

-Never using floral foam, a non-reusable, non-recyclable, petroleum based mechanical aid containing two known carcinogens.

-Never using floral adhesive, a hexane and acetone based mechanical aid capable of permanently damaging our eyes, respiratory tract, and nervous system.

-Refrigerating our walk-in cooler with an efficient unit using 40% less energy and less coolant than conventional units.

-Designing exclusively with locally grown and respectfully foraged plant materials.

-Delivering orders and events in lightweight, fuel efficient vehicles: a Ford Transit Connect and a Honda Fit.