Tony And Austin, 9/29/18, Gargiulo Vineyards

Celebration color palette and aesthetic: Organically composed arrangements of locally grown flowers and botanical textures in naturally elegant and sophisticated color palette to complement the season and landscape, such as whites, ivories, silvery and olive greens, deep burgundy, blacks, and rich navy blues, if available and beautiful. Please include materials with bold, graphic shapes and lines, such as pom dahlias, chrysanthemums, thistles, kale, ranunculus, calla lilies, and succulents, softened with more garden-y, disheveled, and romantic blooms, such as tulips (especially white fringed and parrots), garden roses, chocolate cosmos, scabiosa, and passionvine, and wild, earthy accents such as oak and olive.

References from The Monkey Flower Group's previous work: