Garrett Corner parking lot bed, updated 12/21/17

Foundation perennials:

'Austin Griffiths' manzanita

A California native, this woody evergreen shrub provides year-round structure and beauty via its sculptural, red barked branches and gray-green leaves. Abundant clusters of pale pink, drooping, urn-shaped flowers are beneficial to many bird species and a welcome point of the interest in January. Low water.

'Black Jack' fig

A deciduous tree with a semi-dwarf growth habit adaptable to pruning and training. Leaves are large, deeply lobed, and bright green. Trunk is smooth and gray. Provides large, deep purple fruit mainly from late summer to mid-fall. Moderate to regular water.

'Iceberg' rose

Easily one of the most recognized of roses, revered by gardeners for its profusion of bright white summer-long, free-flowering blooms and vigorous growth. A very easy care variety that is nearly thornless and extremely disease resistant. Moderate water.

'Tiny Tower' Italian cypress

A unique, compact form with exceptionally dense blue-green foliage. Maintains its narrow, columnar form and tidy, well-groomed appearance without pruning. Excellent for formal plantings or to provide structure at the back of the border. Makes a wonderful topiary or container specimen. Evergreen. Low water.

Accent perennials: